Downloadable Forms

DTE 1 Complaint Against the Valuation of Real Property
DTE 100 - Real Property Conveyance Fee Statement
DTE 100 EX Real Property Exemption Form Fill In
DTE 100ex - Real Property Conveyance Exemption Form
DTE 100M Manufactured Home Conveyance Fee Form
DTE 100MEX Manufactured Home Exemption Form
DTE 101 - Statement of Conveyance of Homestead Property
DTE 102 Statement of Conveyance of Current Agricultural Use Valuation Property
DTE 105A - Homestead Exemption Application
DTE 105B - Continuing Application for Homestead Exemption
DTE 105C 2.5 Percent Tax Reduction Owner-Occupied Residence Application
DTE 105E - Certificate Of Disability For The Homestead Exemption
DTE 105G - Addendum to the Homestead Exemption Application
DTE 105I - Homestead Exemption Application for Disabled Veterans and Surviving Spouses
DTE 105K - Homestead Exemption Application for Surviving Spouses of Public Service Officers Killed in the Line of Duty
DTE 106B - Homestead Exemption and Owner-Occupancy Reduction Complaint
DTE 109 Initial Application of the Valuation of Land at Its Current Agricultural Use
DTE 1M - Complaint Form-Manufactured Home (DTE Form 1M)
DTE 1M - Instructions for Manufactured Home Complaint Form (For DTE form 1M)
DTE 2- Complaint Against the Assessment of Real Property other than Market Value
DTE 23 - Application for Real Property Tax Exemption & Remission
DTE 23B - Complaint Against the Continued Exemption of Real Property from Taxation
DTE 23N - Application Notice of Loss of the Right to Real Property Tax Exemption
DTE 24 - Application for Real Property Tax Exemption and Remission - Tax Incentive Program
DTE 24P - Power of Attorney for Real Property Tax Exemption Application
DTE 26 - Application for Valuation Deduction for Destroyed or Damaged Real Property
Form 11 - Application for Placement of Farmland in an Agricultural District
Form W-9 - Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification